Featured Decorative Papers

Featured Decorative Paper

New and Exciting Decorative Papers

At Mulberry Paper and More, we are constantly adding new and exciting specialty art papers. Below are a few of the latest arrivals that are sure to amaze you.

We've added many new Amate Bark Papers directly from Mexico. Made from the bark of Amate and Nettle bushes, these papers have unique colors and designs, some of which are only available at Mulberry Paper and More.

We've also recently doubled our selection of Italian Marble Papers. These designs of these unique papers are all created and applied by hand. Every sheet is unique and a piece of art in itself.

Mirri Sparkle Papers are amazing papers that are much more brilliant in person than can be captured on camera. These papers have a sparkling glitter finish. But, that finish contains no glitter! That's right, these are glitter papers without the mess of glitter.

Once you have seen these papers, keep browsing to see all the other amazing papers anailable for your next project.