Yuzen Origami

Chiyogami/Yuzen Paper

Traditional Yuzen Origami Paper

Chiyogami Patterned Origami Paper

Enjoy folding origami projects with intricate and colorful patterns adorning authentic Japanese Yuzen Washi paper. Patterned after Kimono fabrics, this Chiyogami paper is an elegant and durable choice for your origami projects.

You can choose from two different types of Yuzen papers. First are Chiyogami Yuzen Papers which are made with a base sheet of Kozo paper then hand silkscreened with layer after layer of bright colors including metallic accents. Or, for a more economical option, we also have machine-printed papers with Yuzen patterns. The sheets are cut into squares perfect for origami paper folding.

From Aizome to Shinwazome, you will find the perfect pattern and style of Chiyogami Origami Paper in our selection.


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