Specialty Origami

Specialty Origami Paper

Special Patterns, Textures and Materials for Origami

Artisans and amateurs alike will find the perfect origami papers in our collection. Imported from Japan, Nepal, and Thailand, our origami papers provide an enchanting origami experience. Select luxurious and durable Nepalese Lokta Papers for natural hues and highlights. Or choose lightweight Thai Unryu (Kozo) paper for projects requiring a soft feel and fine details. We even carry Rakusuishi, Itajimeshi and Tengushi Origami Paper. Try our Chiyogami Yuzen papers in both traditional and Aizome, providing intricate, hand-silk screened prints for ornate projects and paper doll folding. Tant Origami Papers give a stiff, crepe-like texture to your project.

The difference between these origami papers and others on the market lie in the fibers. Lokta, Mulberry, and Momi papers contain long, plant fibers instead of wood pulp. The longer fibers provide greater strength, less tearing and less feathering than papers made from wood pulp. The fibers provide depth and textures that are not found in copy paper or other machine made papers.

You may also want to try other "paper" types including plastic, mesh, opalescent, and lizard skin textured origami papers. All of these providing a unique look and feel that cannot compare to traditional paper.