Sumi-E Paper and Supplies

Sumi-E Painting and Calligraphy

Asian Ink Painting

To capture the essence of an object in the fewest brush strokes possible is the aim of Sumi-E, a style of Asian painting. A single brush pen, ink and the right paper is all you need to start mastering the art of Sumi-E. Sumi-E literally means ink painting. While the art of Sumi-E is painting objects, the same materials can then be used for Chinese Calligraphy, Japanese Calligraphy and Korean Calligraphy.

It is easy to start Sumi-e painting. By using a Fountain Brush Pen, you just vary the amount of pressure applied to make both broad and fine lines within the same stroke. Mastering this technique provides depth and intricacy that cannot be achieved with other styles of writing and painting.

Using the proper paper is key to a great Sumi-E painting. Kozo Paper provides the right amount of absorbancy and bright white background for the greatest contrast. You can choose from Shoji Gami Rolls, Shuji Gami Rolls and Sumi-E Sketch Pads.