Natural Inclusions Paper

Paper with Leaf Inclusions

Natural Inclusions Paper

Paper with Leaf and Flower Inclusions

Leaves, fibers and flowers adorn each sheet of natural looking paper. Instead of pasting these natural materials to paper, they are injected into the paper itself. Mixing leaves and plant material with traditional paper pulp materials creates unique, natural papers with a natural look and feel.

Choose from handmade and machine papers in varying weights and colors made with natural inclusions such as tamarind leaves, eucalyptus leaves and cornflower petals. These beautiful papers are used for wedding invitations, note cards, stationery, scrapbooking, wallpapers, collage and many other projects. In our extensive selection you will find papers infused with:

  •  Tamarind Leaves
  •  Eucalyptus Leaves
  •  Wild Flowers
  •  Grass
  •  Bark