Lokta Origami Paper

Nepalese Lokta Origami Paper

Packs of Single Pattern Origami Paper

You are in for a real treat folding with Nepalese Lokta Paper! Nepalese Lokta Paper is and eco-friendly paper, handmade from the fiber of the "Nepal Paper Plant," also called the Daphne Shrub or Lokta Bush. The fibers are long and strong for origami sculptures that have many folds and creases. The colors and designs are all hand-dyed and silkscreened providing a truly unique piece of paper for every project. Choose from a variety of vibrant silk screened prints and color styles to jazz up any origami project! Lokta Origami Paper is available in 2 sizes: 6" with 12 sheets per pack or 9" with 6 sheets per pack.