Screenprinted Indian Cotton Paper

Screenprinted Indian Cotton Rag Paper

Acid-Free Screenprinted Cotton Paper Handmade in India

Inspired by textile designs, patterns and colors, Indian Cotton Rag Papers make outstanding papers for all art and design applications. Indian Cotton Papers are made by hand using recycled, refined cotton from rags, clothing and textiles instead of pulp from the cotton seed as other papers. Longer cotton fibers in the paper providing exceptional strength and durability.

Beautiful designs are hand silk-screened onto this rugged base paper. Each color in the pattern is applied individually and allowed to dry. The silkscreening process provides richer colors and more depth than machine printed papers. There are as many eye-catching designs for your project as there are fabric patterns.

Indian Cotton Rag Papers are acid-free and weigh approximately 100 to 110 gsm for a moderate weight, handmade paper lending itself to a multitude of art, craft and home décor uses as well as an excellent gift wrap.