Large Origami Paper

Origami Papers in Sizes Larger Than 6 Inches

You have found that some origami models require sheets of paper larger than the standard 6 inch (15 cm) square. Now, you can finally fold those sculptures with this selection of large size origami paper packs. These papers are all larger than 6 inches and some packs include sheets up to 14" square.

Are you looking for even larger sheets of origami paper?

Take you time and browse all of our other papers using the drop-down menu above. Most papers are available in parent sheet sizes up to 25 inches by 37 inches. Enjoy luxurious Japanese Yuzen Papers where each color is silkscreened by hand. Or, fold with handmade Lokta Paper from Nepal. Metallic Mulberry Papers provide a crisp, metallic sheen that will bring your foldings to life.

Try these other exotic papers: