Katazome-shi Papers

Katazome-shi Paper

Katazome or Katazome-shi Papers

Japanese Stencil-Dyed Paper

The beautiful designs and the creation of Katazome paper is derived from the ancient art of dyeing Kimono fabrics. Stencils of the designs are created using multiple layers of the highest-quality mulberry/kozo paper. The stencils are laminated in persimmon, sun-dried and baked to make them strong and water-resistant. The stencil design is then carefully cut into the hardened paper by master craftsmen.

After the stencils are created, they are laid over a luxuriously soft mulberry paper. Using vegetable dyes and pigments, the colors are then applied by hand to the papers through the stencil. Those pigments absorb deeply into the pulp dyeing the design into the paper instead of the design being printed on the surface of the paper.

This time consuming process creates amazing decorative papers with a look and feel that is unsurpassed. The soft base paper weighs approximately 60 gsm and acid free. Traditionally, this paper is used for covering books, boxes and cards. But, the quality paper and fascinating designs can be used in virtually any fine art project.