Amate Designs

Amate Bark Paper Designs

Artisan Crafted Natural Paper Artwork for Use in Design, Decor and Art Projects

Is it paper? Or, is it artwork? There is no need to decide. These Amate Paper Artwork Pieces are crafted by hand by artists in Mexico using ancient paper-making methods passed on through the ages. Paper artists pound, pull, twist, shred and dye Amate, Mulberry and Nettle bark into amazing two-dimensional Mandala designs. Each piece is worthy to be hung by itself as natural artwork or integrated into a larger project.

Amate Paper has been used through the ages in religious and legal texts and as a canvas for painting. Made from bark from the Amate, Nettle, and Mulberry trees, unique and natural tones blend together for an incredible art, design and craft paper! Enjoy the natural texture of the bark as well as crafted elements like lace, weaves and knots. Each sheet of this authentic Mexican paper is handmade to provide a unique and natural touch to any project!

Due to the hand-made nature of the paper and the use of natural bark, each sheet is one-of-a-kind and may vary in shade, color, weight and pattern. The available sheet sizes are approximate due to the deckled edges and drying process.