Large Format Textured Mulberry Paper - OFF WHITE - 110GSM

Large Format Textured Mulberry Paper - OFF WHITE - 110GSM

Heavyweight Kozo Paper

This heavily textured natural paper is a staple for any artist’s paper collection. Native to subtropical regions throughout northern Thailand, the Paper Mulberry plant is the creator of the high-quality fibers used in this Heavyweight Mulberry Paper. Often referred to as "kozo," mulberry is a strong yet soft material that has been used in traditional paper-making for over a millennium. The long fibers offer flexibility and durability that make it an ideal paper source for encaustic art, lampshades, multi-media, painting, and framing.

Mulberry is considered an eco-friendly fiber since the entire tree does not need to be cut down to harvest the paper-making fibers. Rather, the rapidly-regenerating outer bark is peeled off, leaving the base of the tree in tact and eliminating excessive waste. It is then boiled in water and the bark-turned-pulp is spread out on screens to dry in the sun.

With an oversized format and a medium surface texture, these large mulberry sheets are great for mixed-media projects, large format canvases, window coverings, gyotaku, and screen-printing. 

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Weight 110 GSM
  • Acid-Free
  • Natural edges
  • Available in 39" x 39" and 47" x 95" sheets
  • Fiber Content 100% Kozo
39" x 39" Sheet
39" x 39" Sheet
Price: $47.95
47" x 95" Sheet
47" x 95" Sheet
Price: $54.95