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Mulberry Paper

Handmade Unryu, Kozo and Mulberry Papers

Design and create with paper made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. Mulberry paper, also known as Kozo paper, provides a luxurious foundation for many art, craft and design projects. The paper feathers beautifully when hand torn. Because mulberry paper has a neutral pH, it makes a wonderful art paper for long-lasting projects. The uses are almost endless: collage, painting, scrapbooking, note cards, lamp shades, wedding invitations, fish rubbings and many, many more. Mulberry paper is made in many different varieties including:

  •  Unryu Paper: Lightweight, translucent and showing embedded threads of bark.
  •  Kozo Paper: Heavyweight and highly textured.
  •  Printable Paper: Smooth, text weight and printer compatible.
  •  Marbled Momi Paper: Hand-marbled in exotic colors and texture.
  •  Mulberry Paper Rolls: Large dimension mulberry paper sold on rolls for large projects.

Is Mulberry Paper strong enough to make a suit of armor that can stop arrows, swords and primitive gunfire? Yes!  Check out the Paper Armor episode of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Click to see Paper Armor Clips.

Light Weight Unryu Paper (Mulberry Paper)
Unryu Paper
Heavy Weight Kozo Mulberry Paper
Heavyweight Mulberry/Kozo Paper
Metallic Mulberry Paper
Metallic Mulberry Paper
Printable Mulberry Paper
Printable Mulberry Paper
Pulp on Sheer Mulberry Paper
Pulp on Sheer Mulberry Paper
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