The Mile High Net Stores LLC Family


 Founded in 2007, Mile High Net Stores LLC (originally Positive Ventures LLC), is a family owned and operated ecommerce company. Our business began in a small home-office with a computer and entrepreneurial zeal. Dedicating many late nights and long weekends, Mile High Net Stores LLC has flourished into a trusted source for specialty retail products.

Mile High Net Stores LLC is more than a business. It is the product of a dedicated family of 4 who have worked together in combination of time and talent to create a unique business to share with the world. Our children have moved on but over the years, our office family has grown to include four outstanding employees—Emma, Hunter, Becky and Stephanie —and even the family dogs (Jade, Remi, and Chloe) accompany us to work. With all hands on deck, we work daily to support, expand, and improve our company so we can offer the very best products and service. By shopping at Mile High Net Stores LLC, you are more than a customer, you are part of our family. Your interest is ours.

Welcome to the family!

Meet the Family

I am the co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and paper expert here at Mulberry Paper and More. I’m the glue that keeps everything running on a daily basis and each day is a collage of growing the business, finding new papers and keeping customers happy! My husband, Rick, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment watching the business grow from a small room in our home to what Mulberry Paper and More is today.  Outside of work, I enjoy batik watercolor painting, alcohol inks and playing with the dogs and fish.

I am the other co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and am the safety and technology expert. I keep all the technology running and up to date, including the websites and communication systems. I also focus my time on running our workplace safety division where we sell products to keep people safe in their work environments.  Outside of work, I enjoy bowling, reef-keeping and keeping up with our 3 large dogs.

I am the social media manager for Mulberry Paper and More and could not be happier to work for such an amazing company! I am a Texas native with roots now in Denver. In my spare time, I love to paint watercolor floral pieces and roam around the city. My favorite papers are either the Raintree Leaves or the Plum Tamarind Leaves - really anything with natural inclusions.


I am the customer service representative for Mulberry Paper and More. I enjoy helping others find the perfect material for their projects. When I'm not working I am sewing, painting, or playing Dungeons & Dragons with my family. Many of my favorite papers are the Lokta in shades of blues and teals.

I am a Colorado native. My husband and I have loved raising our two boys here. I enjoy hiking, camping, biking, and all that the beautiful outdoors of Colorado has to offer. 

I am originally from the Midwest, but have lived in Colorado for over 18 years. When not working or going to school, I enjoy exploring various forms of mixed media art and dancing hula when I get the chance.

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