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Founded in 2007, Mile High Net Stores LLC is a family owned and operated ecommerce company. Our business began in a small home-office with a computer and entrepreneurial zeal. Dedicating many late nights and long weekends, Mile High Net Stores LLC has flourished into a trusted source for specialty retail products.

Mile High Net Stores LLC (Mulberry Paper and More) is more than a business. It is the product of a dedicated family who have worked together in combination of time and talent to create a unique business to share with the world. Jennifer and Rick are now enjoying the results of their hard work as they work remotely from their home office in Texas. Lexi now runs Mulberry Paper and More from North Salt Lake, Utah with the help of her best friends, Katrina and Alyssa. With all hands on deck, we work daily to support, expand, and improve our company so we can offer the very best products and services. By shopping at Mile High Net Stores LLC, you are more than a customer, you are part of our family. Your interest is ours.

Welcome to the family!

Meet the Family



 Katrina  Alyssa

I am the co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and paper expert here at Mulberry Paper and More. Each day is a collage of growing the business, finding new papers and keeping customers happy! My husband, Rick, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment watching the business grow from a small room in our home to what Mulberry Paper and More is today.  Outside of work, I enjoy batik watercolor painting, acrylic pour painting and spending time with family.

I am the other co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and am the safety and technology expert. I keep all the technology running and up to date, including the websites and communication systems. I also focus my time on running our workplace safety division where we sell products to keep people safe in their work environments.  Outside of work, I enjoy bowling and keeping up with our 2 large dogs.

I have grown-up alongside Mulberry Paper and More and it is such a joy to see what it has become! For over 15 years I have worked with our papers and I am still constantly amazed by their beauty. My focus is on expanding Mulberry Paper and More through community outreach, informational articles, and paper art classes! In my free time, I love volunteering at some of my favorite non-profit organizations, spending time with friends, traveling, and, of course, paper art and crafts. 


I am happy to be working at Mulberry Paper and More! I manage our impressive inventory of papers and oversee bringing in new papers. I love refining, simplifying, and improving our day-to-day operations and finding new ways to bring paper to our customers. , and improving our day-to-day operations and finding new ways to bring paper to our customers. I especially love organizing and overseeing our in-shop art classes and workshops! In my free time I love spending time with family and friends and growing my own small board game business. 

I oversee Mulberry Paper and More's social media accounts in addition to creating videos, projects, and other content to inspire our customers and showcase the infinite applications of our papers! I love working with fellow artists and community members to celebrate and feature the immense talent of our customers! In my free time,  I love spending time with my family and fiancé, and I also help my sister, Katrina, grow our small board game business.

History of Mile High Net Stores LLC

Rick and Jennifer started Mile High Net Stores while working full-time jobs of their own and when their children were just adolescents. The company started in 2007 with a website called, The Writing Pen Store, that offered ergonomic writing instruments to provide comfortable solutions for adults battling arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome to children learning how to write. The online store then branched out to include a variety of other specialty writing instruments including glass dip pens, chalkboards and markers, graphite writing tools, pencil grips, and novelty pens. 

Mile High Net Stores then expanded to include Mulberry Paper and More in 2008. Jennifer had been searching to find a fine decorative paper called “Unryu Mulberry Paper”. When her search ended empty-handed, she decided to start selling it herself. Starting with two A-frames of Unryu Paper in the dining room and a sliding paper cutter on the kitchen table, Mulberry Paper and More has blossomed to include over 2,000 decorative and handmade papers from over 20 countries around the world. The most rewarding part of Mulberry Paper and More has been developing relationships with artisan papermakers and providing high-quality papers to our customers to inspire and enable boundless creativity!

Next to join Mile High Net Stores in 2009 was Crested Geckos and Supplies. This was an endeavor started by Lexi and her brother, Jordan, and was their first opportunity as youth to develop their own entrepreneurial zeal. In their early married life, Rick and Jennifer had enjoyed breeding and raising exotic birds such as lorikeets, cockatiels, and ordinary finches. It was no wonder that Lexi and Jordan inherited their love for animals. At 11 years old, Lexi set out to get Jordan the perfect birthday gift: a fire-belly newt (at his request). While at the pet shop, Lexi saw a soft and bright yellow Crested Gecko and fell in love with it. What started as a beloved pet led to an entire room filled with terrariums and 120 Crested Geckos over the next several years. Each gecko was raised from an egg, individually named and cared for by Lexi and Jordan, then, after reaching a mature age, the geckos were sold as pets to individuals and families across the country.

With Mulberry Paper and More expanding, The Origami Paper Shop was a natural next step for Mile High Net Stores in 2010. Endearingly referred to as “TOPS”, The Origami Paper Shop originally only offered prepackaged and machine-made origami papers, books, and kits. While the novelty and variety of the products was exciting, over the years we realized that we had a hidden gem right under our noses. The high-quality and handmade papers we enjoyed with Mulberry Paper and More made excellent origami papers! Papers like Nepalese Lokta and Indian Cotton are not traditional origami papers, but their long and rich fibers make them perfect for complex folds and elaborate designs–ideal for beginner and expert origamists. Now The Origami Paper Shop exclusively offers original origami packs made from the extensive handmade papers available at Mulberry Paper and More.

Fits in the Purse followed shortly after The Origami Paper Shop in 2010. Created with the intent to bring order to style, Fits in the Purse specialized in an array of organizational and functional items for handbags and purses. Our online boutique offered purse organizers, purse hangers, foldable shoes, on-the-go utilities, and universal charging wallets. Fits in the Purse even offered a line of personal safety products including self defense keychains.

Similar to Crested Geckos and Supplies, Rocky Mountain Seahorses began in 2012 as the result of Jennifer’s love for keeping saltwater aquariums. With a 30-gallon aquarium and a few seahorses gifted on Mother’s Day, Rocky Mountain Seahorses originated almost out of necessity as the seahorses multiplied by the hundreds. Pretty soon, our home rivaled the local aquarium with elaborate reefs and aquatic life, including several seahorses with the rare trait of piebaldism. Now experienced in the art of breeding and raising animals from the land, sea, and sky, the current family animal life simply consists of our St. Bernard, Buck, and our shepherd mix, Scotty (for now, at least). 

In 2015, Mile High Net Stores acquired Safety Lights and Signals and Safety Knives and Cutters from Rick’s brother and sister-in-law (fellow serial-entrepreneurs) after they embarked on new career paths. Now known as Mile High Net Stores’ “Workplace Safety Division”, Safety Lights and Signals offers custom-built strobe lights and beacons for industrial, professional, and personal use. 

Since then, we have embraced a hiatus of-sorts in launching new websites, as our family team at Mile High Net Stores has focused on growing and refining our existing stores: Mulberry Paper and More, The Origami Paper Shop, and Safety Lights and Signals. In 2021, Rick and Jennifer decided to take a step back from the day-to-day bustle of managing the stores in order to spend more time with their new grandbaby. Their decision allowed Lexi to manage the company from her home in Utah, with the help of her best friend, Katrina. After a year of exciting growth and progress, Katrina’s sister, Alyssa, also joined the Mile High Net Stores family team. 

Together, our family works hard to provide the best products and experiences possible for our customers. We love what we do, and we are deeply grateful for the support and encouragement of our customers that allow us to continue on at Mile High Net Stores LLC. 

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