Iridescent Papers

MirriSparkle and Irridescent Paper

Iridescent and Mirri Sparkle Papers

Light and Eye-Catching Iridescent and Glitter Papers

No one can resist looking at shiny and sparkling objects. Bring this attention to your project with Mirri Sparkle Paper and Dotty Embossed Iridescent Paper. These papers are designed to reflect light creating glitter, shimmer and iridescent effects. The eyes will be naturally drawn to the fascinating effects created by these papers. Pictures do not do these papers justice. You must see them to believe.

Iridescent papers will fascinate you for hours. These papers sparkle, shimmer and change color as the light shifts. Perfect for any festive project where color needs to pop or glitter in the light. Instead of embedding glitter into the paper, these art papers have an embossed texture accentuating the ability to reflect the light and transform the color.

Mirri Sparkle Papers highlight an intense glitter sheen that sparkles light in all directions. But, the sparkle is created by a special metallic sheet laminated onto a pure white base. This process means there is no glitter to flake off making a mess of your space. The colors are crisp and bold and provide an even color distribution for your eyes. The surface is lightly textured for a enjoyable tactile experience as well.

Both Mirri Sparkle Paper and Iridescent Paper make a perfect addition to projects needing eye-popping pizzaz and glimmering highlights.

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