Natural Paper

Natural Papers

Imported Specialty Papers in Natural, Earthy Tones

Raw, organic and earthy tones, hues and colors identify natural papers. Don't call them tan. Natural papers are far more than color. Natural papers are unrefined, rough, and look like they came straight from nature. Our natural papers have lots of natural inclusions such as leaves, pulp strands and fibers providing depth, character and uniqueness to each sheet of paper. Whenever you are creating a paper project portraying nature, our natural papers are a must have for any paper artist. These natural papers also are perfect to demonstrate age and wear making them perfect for craft projects needing an antique or aged look. Our hand-made natural papers are also strong, making them a great option for projects that will get used such as bookbinding and origami.

Find your perfect paper in natural choosing from:  Mulberry Paper, Kozo Paper, Lokta Paper, Origami Paper, Yuzen Paper, Chiyogami Paper, Banana Paper, Mango Paper and all sorts of decorative accents and Mulberry Paper Flowers.