Black Paper

Black Papers

Imported Specialty Papers in Various Shades of Black

Evoke the powerful symbolism of black by incorporating black papers and accents into your project. Use black paper to represent night, darkness and adversity. Or use black paper to symbolize elegance, formality and mystery. Black is a versatile color to use in paper projects. Black can elicit strong emotions, but it can also add balance, contrast and depth to art projects. The color black easily fades into the background allowing other colors in your paper project to stand out. The rich variety of black paper in our portfolio provides a bevy of possibilities to enhance your design. Black and Gold Marbled Momi Papers give a rich and elegant look to any project. Black Chiyogami Papers use metallic gold overlays to enhance the intricate Yuzen patterns. Solid black Lokta and Mulberry Papers provide a rich dark base where other color papers will pop in high contrast. Once you use these black papers imported from Thailand, Japan and Nepal, you will never use plain paper again.

Find your perfect paper in black choosing from:  Mulberry Paper, Kozo Paper, Lokta Paper, Origami Paper, Yuzen Paper, Chiyogami Paper, Banana Paper, Mango Paper and all sorts of decorative accents and Mulberry Paper Flowers.