Blue Paper

Blue Papers

Imported Specialty Papers in Various Shades of Blue

Choose blue papers for a calming effect in your paper project. Representing the water element in design, blue is an essential color to bring balance to earth and fire elements. Shades of blue demonstrate creativity, loyalty, intelligence, strength, wisdom and trust. For paper projects needing these qualities, blue paper is the answer. Beware of using blue in projects surrounding foods as it can actually suppress appetites! From baby blues to masculine navy blues, you will find the perfect blue paper in our selection. Mix and match different blue papers easily for complimentary highlights and depth.

Find your perfect paper in blue choosing from:  Mulberry Paper, Kozo Paper, Lokta Paper, Origami Paper, Yuzen Paper, Chiyogami Paper, Banana Paper, Mango Paper and all sorts of decorative accents and Mulberry Paper Flowers.