Solid Color Lokta Paper

Solid Color Lokta Paper

Solid Color Nepalese Lokta Paper

Strong Durable Paper Made from the Lokta Bush

Traditional Lokta paper has been used throughout Nepal for centuries in government documents, religious scripts and cultural products. This artisan-made paper remains popular in Nepal but has also taken on broader applications worldwide in fine artwork, origami sculptures, and home décor pieces. Nepali Lokta Paper is made from the renewable and fast-growing Daphne (Lokta) bush prolific across Southern Himalayan forests. Handmade Lokta paper production is a significant source of economic stability for rural Nepalese artisans. 

Lokta is a non-wood plant which means that the shrub’s inner fibers are long and flexible. Consequently, paper made from the Lokta bush is strong yet supple and soft to the touch. This tree-free paper makes beautiful deckled edges when torn. 

Solid Color Lokta Papers are hand-dyed by Nepalese artisans using naturally-sourced and non-chemical dyes. These concentrated dyes are extracted from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices, including pomegranate, rhubarb, walnuts, and saffron, among many others. The natural dyes add rich and vibrant colors to the neutral pulp base while maintaining the paper’s eco-friendly and acid-free properties. With dozens of natural and bright colors to choose from, solid-color lokta paper is a great addition to any décor or artistic project! 

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