Yellow Paper

Yellow Papers

Imported Specialty Papers In Various Shades of Yellow

Yellow paper harnesses the brightest color to the human eye. Use yellow paper to represent youth, fun and happiness in your art. Yellow provides a cheerful energy. Use this energy to your advantage when creating paper projects geared for children and youth. Yellow creates an incredible contrast against dark colors or a subtle highlight to similar colors. Use bright yellow papers for vibrant and energetic projects and use darker yellow papers to incorporate nature into your design. However you incorporate yellow into your project, it will be noticed.

Find your perfect paper in yellow choosing from:  Mulberry Paper, Kozo Paper, Lokta Paper, Origami Paper, Yuzen Paper, Chiyogami Paper, Banana Paper, Mango Paper and all sorts of decorative accents and Mulberry Paper Flowers.
Tant Origami Paper Pack - YELLOWS
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