Pinto/Sun Washed Lokta Paper

Sun Washed Lokta Papers

Pinto, Sun Washed and Batik Nepalese Lokta Paper

Eco-Friendly Paper

Lokta paper has been used in Nepal since the 12th century, when it was used to write epic tales, to print mantra for use in prayer wheels, and for religious texts chanted by Buddhist monks. Until 1959, Nepal used this paper for all official government correspondence, and even today it is used for all of their land ownership papers (lal purja) and legal documents.

Pinto Lokta Papers are two-toned versions of the traditional Lokta Paper. The colors are randomly blended in a pinto pattern. Earthy-tones provide a soft and natural look for projects requiring a natural or antique look. Use these papers for bookbinding, script writing, home decor and many other applications.

Sun-washed Lokta Papers are unique, hand-made pieces of art. Each sheet of paper is hand made and dyed. Bricks and leaves are placed by hand in patterns. Then the paper is left in the sun to dry and to fade leaving natural and geometric designs burnt into the Lokta Paper.

Lokta Paper is:
  • Strong and durable
  • Handmade by village artisans of Nepal's rural and urban areas
  • Eco friendly