Pinto/Sun Washed Lokta Paper

Sun Washed Lokta Papers

Pinto, Sun Washed and Batik Nepalese Lokta Paper

Eco-Friendly Paper

Traditional artisan Lokta paper has been used for nearly a millennium in religious texts, cultural products and government documents throughout Nepal. This beautifully-crafted paper remains a popular choice in Nepal but has also taken on broader applications worldwide in fine artwork, origami sculptures, and home décor pieces. Lokta paper is made from the rapidly-regenerating Daphne (Lokta) bush found in abundance in forests along the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Today, handmade Lokta paper continues to be a significant source of economic stability for rural Nepalese artisans.

Because Lokta is a non-wood shrub, the plant’s inner fibers are long and flexible, resulting in a strong and supple eco-friendly paper. Lokta paper has a soft texture and makes beautiful deckled edges when torn. While all Lokta papers have the same sturdy base, the appearances of Lokta paper are as varied as their applications.

  • Pinto Lokta Papers feature natural colors blended together in an abstract pinto pattern.
  • Batik styles of Lokta paper are made as artisans alternate using wax and dye to create unique and colorful patterns.
  • Sun-washed Lokta Papers receive their natural designs as leaves are hand-placed on the wet pulp base then left in the sun to dry and darken, resulting in a beautiful two-toned pattern.
  • Shibori Crinkle designs are handmade to mimic  single-tone tie dye patterns. 
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