Textured and Embossed Indian Cotton Paper

Embossed Indian Cotton Rag Paper

Handmade Indian Cotton Paper with Embossed Textures

Indian Rag Paper is an eco-friendly and high quality recycled paper suitable for a variety of art, design, craft, and decor pieces. The heavyweight paper base is made from clothing, rags, and other textiles broken down and refined into a cotton pulp. Since the cotton comes from post-manufacturer materials, the fibers are longer and stronger than pulp made directly from cotton seed, unlike other cotton papers. The result is a strong and durable artistic paper weighing approximately 150 gsm.  

Embossed Indian Paper uses the handmade cotton base paper that is then machine embossed to provide unique patterns and designs. The embossing creates a multidimensional texture that gives  light, depth, and character to these shimmering Indian papers. 

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