Textured and Embossed Indian Cotton Paper

Embossed Indian Cotton Rag Paper

Handmade Indian Cotton Paper with Embossed or Flocked Textures

Reflect the light or enjoy a three dimensional feel with these intriguing hand-made papers. Embossed designs or flocked highlights dominate these paper patterns.

Embossed Indian paper is made by hand from recycled textiles then machine embossed to provide unique patterns and designs. The embossing allows the light to bounce off the different angles of the pattern spreading light like mica.

Flocked Indian Cotton Papers are finished with a flocking material which creates a soft and fuzzy embossing on the paper transforming it into a fabric like feel.

Made from long cotton fibers, Indian Embossed and Flocked Papers maintain substantial weight (150 gsm) and strength for all types of artistic creations.