Textured Lokta Paper

Textured Lokta Paper

Textured Momi Nepalese Lokta Paper

Strong Durable Paper Made from the Lokta Bush

Traditional handmade Lokta paper has been used throughout Nepal for centuries in government documents, religious scripts and cultural products. This artisan-made paper remains very popular in Nepal but has also taken on broader applications worldwide in fine artwork, origami sculptures, and home décor pieces. 

Nepali Lokta Paper is made from the renewable and fast-growing Daphne (Lokta) bush prolific across forests in the Southern Himalayas. The Lokta bush completely regenerates in 4 to 6 years after being cut to about 6" from the ground. The cultivation of this eco-friendly resource provides a reliable revenue stream for the village artisans of Nepal's rural and urban areas. 

Since Lokta is a “non-wood” plant, the shrub’s inner fibers are long and flexible. Consequently, paper made from the Daphne bush is strong yet supple and soft to the touch. This tree-free paper makes beautiful deckled edges when torn. 

Lokta Papers come in a variety of textures ranging from soft and fabric-like to rigid and defined. 
  • Embossed Lokta papers use a patterned template (dots, rectangles, etc.) to create a raised, two-tone design on the face of the paper. 
  • Raw Lokta paper features large, unrefined fibers blended throughout a lightweight base, creating thick and thin consistencies across the sheet.  
  • Leather Lokta paper mimics the grain pattern and stiff texture of leather using eco-friendly and animal-free materials. 
  • Momi and Himalayas Lokta papers have a soft and crinkled texture that make them easy to manipulate for bookbinding, sculptures, and other malleable projects. 
  • Rangichangi Lokta paper receives its texture from the dyeing process as the sheet is folded over to create a unique tie-dye pattern. 
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