Jute Fiber Paper

Marbled Jute Papers

Fair Trade Jute Fiber Paper Handmade in Bangladesh

Jute rope fibers are cut by hand and recycled to make an exquisite, eco-friendly pulp for paper. Artisans in Bangladesh use the recycled pulp to form the foundation of each jute sheet. Then, the wet base is embellished with hand-marbled patterns featuring veins of coordinating colors and metallic ribbons. Due to the creative process of marbling and the handmade nature of the paper, each sheet of this decorative jute paper is entirely unique.

Jute fiber paper weighs approximately 96 gsm and is available in 8.5" x 11" and 21" x 31" sizes. The 21" x 31" size features a deckled edge for a truly handmade look. 

The women artisans that craft the paper are Fair Trade certified. They are the primary providers for their families and the paper has been sourced at fair prices so that the women can make a decent living. Your purchase of Jute Fiber Paper is socially responsible and helps support families in rural Bangladesh.

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