Single Pattern Washi Origami Paper

Authentic Japanese Washi Papers

High Quality Washi Papers imported from Japan

Are you looking to take your origami folding to the next level? Start folding with these traditional papers imported from Japan. All of these papers are made from mulberry bark which provides long, lightweight pulp fibers making the paper both lightweight and incredibly strong. Choose from Chiyogami papers which have each color hand silkscreened onto the sheet, or the Katazome papers which are stencil-dyed with vegetable dyes or the lacquer papers with an embossed texture.

Each pack of these papers contains 4 sheets of the same pattern in a convenient 6" x 6" size.

  •  Natural Paper
  •  Artist Designed Patterns
  •  Hand Dyed/Silk-Screened Colors
  •  Strong and Durable