Unryu Paper

Mulberry Unryu Paper

Lightweight Mulberry Papers

Mulberry Unryu Papers from Thailand

Made in Thailand, these mulberry papers are available in a variety of lightweight options. Unryu paper is one of the lightest mulberry papers and it  contains strands of fiber that are added to the sheet to create contrast and texture. When layered, the light colored Unryu papers are translucent allowing the background colors to mix with the paper creating one of a kind colors. Some Unryu varieties include shiny metallic silver or gold threads for a shimmering effect and others have inclusions for a natural addition. These Mulberry Unryu papers weigh 25 gsm or less which means that they are considered a tissue weight. If you are looking for a light weight mulberry paper with out fiber inclusions, we carry a 15 gsm unbleached mulberry. 

Lightweight mulberry papers can be used for mixed-media collage, joomchi, chine-colle, gyotaku, home decor, lamp shades and any paper craft project.

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