Unryu Paper

Mulberry Unryu Paper

Lightweight Unryu Papers

Mulberry Unryu Papers from Thailand

Unryu paper, is a lightweight mulberry paper which contains strands of fiber that are added to the sheet to create contrast and texture. Tear Unryu Paper in any shape you desire to creating a soft, feathered edge. When layered, these Unryu papers are translucent allowing the background colors to mix with the paper. Some Unryu varieties include shiny metallic silver threads for a shimmering effect and others have leaf inclusions for a natural addition. These Mulberry Unryu papers weigh 25 gsm or less and are a staple for any crafter or artist's paper collection. Use this paper for:

  •  Scrapbooking & Card Making
  •  Mixed Media Collage, Painting and Block Printing
  •  Home Decor
  •  Lamp Shades
  •  Japanese Screens
  •  Sky Lanterns

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