Marbled Jute Papers

Luxurious Hand-Made Gift Wrapping Papers

When you want you gift wrap as impressive as the gift inside, decorative papers from around the world will make quite the statement! Handmade wrapping papers are created by artists and craftspeople utilizing local materials and traditional paper-making techniques from the region the papers are made. When you wrap a gift with these papers, the receiver will fall in love with the gift before it is even opened. Browse hundreds of unique colors, styles and patterns of wrapping paper by clicking on the images below.

Japanese Chiyogami/Yuzen Washi Paper:

Japanes Yuzen and Chiyogami Papers
In Japan, the thought and care that went into wrapping a gift is almost more important that the gift itself. Traditional techniques utilize many different materials such as wooden boxes, fabric (furoshiki), and paper (washi). The most luxurious washi paper is called Yuzen or Chiyogami. These mulberry papers feature intricate prints inspired by kimono fabrics. The prints are silkscreened by hand, one color at a time. The beautiful designs incorporate symbolic imagery, bright colors and shiny metallic highlights.

Marbled Wrapping Papers:

Marbled Wrapping Papers
Marbled papers are all the rage in decorative papers right now. These marbled designs are all created by hand, one sheet at a time. To create hand-marbled papers, artists drop colorful paint/dyes on top of a seaweed gel. They then use tools like combs to move the dots of dye into fascinating marble patterns. The artist then takes a blank sheet of paper and lays it on top of the gel. All of the dye/paint gets absorbed into the paper creating a truly unique design. The design has to be re-created for every single sheet, so each sheet is truly one-of-a-kind.

Fair Trade Certified Marbled Jute Fiber Paper:

Marbled Jute Papers
If you or your gift recipient are socially-aware and care about how workers making products are treated and compensated, you will love Jute Fiber Papers. These papers are Fair Trade Certified. They are made in Bangladesh by local women artists who are fairly compensated for their efforts. When you buy these beautiful marble wrapping papers, you can feel good that you are supporting craftswomen and not exploiting them. 

Mulberry Tissue Papers:

Mulberry Tissue Papers
Gift bags and gift baskets have become an integral part of gift giving. Gift bags make concealing gifts easy, but their presentation is quite mundane. Gift baskets improve the presentation, but still need a little extra to make them special. Unryu paper from Thailand provides both color and visual interest when using gift bags and baskets. The paper is lightweight, but extremely strong due to the long mulberry fibers in the pulp. As light passes through the paper, you can see the flowing mulberry threads making these papers much classier than traditional, machine-made tissue papers.

Artisan Designed Lokta Papers from Nepal:

Lokta Wrapping Papers
Nepal maintains a long tradition of producing handmade paper products. These papers made from the bark of the Lokta bush make great wrapping papers. Paper artists in Nepal use natural vegetable dyes to create  a huge range of colors from soft and subtle to neutral to brights. Lokta papers feature unique designs and techniques not found in other papers. Wrapping a gift with these fine papers will draw attention and appreciation.

Metallic Mulberry Wrapping Papers:

Metallic Mulberry Papers
Metallic mulberry papers bring that shiny flourish to your fine gift wrapping. These mulberry papers have a shiny gold coating that resists finger prints. You can use these papers to make bows or packaging highlights, or use them as the base wrapping paper and make a statement.