Raw Mulberry Bark


Raw Mulberry Bark Papers

Natural Paper for Use in Design, Decor and Art Projects

Raw Mulberry Bark Paper dates back to the Angkorian age of the Khmer Empire. Southeast Asian monks at Buddhist temples during that time would use this bark to make paper. The mulberry bark has long fibers that make paper more durable. 

Each sheet of unrefined bark come from the Mulberry bushes of Thailand. This bark comes from the inner bark of the mulberry plant are usually boiled down into strands to create handmade paper. The bark is perfect for your next project and come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Due to the hand-made nature of the bark, each sheet is unique and will vary in shade, color, weight and pattern. The available sheet weights are approximate due to processing. 

Raw Mulberry Bark - BROWN
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Raw Mulberry Paper - PURPLE
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