Marbled Paper

Marbled Paper

Hand-Made Marbled Papers

Exotic Marble Paper from Thailand, Nepal, Italy, and France

Marbled papers are some of the most stunning and eye-catching papers available. These papers are often used in book bindings to give an elegant look and feel. Our selection of marbled papers are not printed, they are all hand marbled by artisans in France, Italy, Nepal, and Thailand. As hand-made papers, you are assured to get a truly one-of-a-kind paper. Like any hand crafted or handmade paper, marbled papers are unique pieces of art on their own and are perfect for home decor, framing, book binding, collage and many other art and design projects.

Each type of Marbled Paper is unique:
  •  Marbled Momi Paper: Hand-marbled colors swirl on a fabric-like 30 gsm Kozo Paper base
  •  Italian Marble Paper: 90 gsm, acid-free paper marbled by 2nd generation artists
  •  Indian Marble Paper: Hand-marbled designs on 110 gsm recycled cotton rag paper
  •  Nepalese Lokta Marble Paper: Hand-marbled designs on 100 gsm Lokta paper

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