Lace Papers

Lace Paper

Lace Paper

Natural Lace Papers from Around the World

Lace papers provide an elegant way to infuse art and design projects with a lace texture and feel. Lace paper is extremely versatile. Use it anywhere to overlay other papers and materials to provide texture and visual interest. Or, use it in interior design as a wall paper or as a medium to provide texture to paint. From gift wrap to screening material, once you begin to use these lace papers, you will be amazed at the different ways you can use them.

  •  Watermark Tissue Paper: Soft fabric-like texture and feel
  •  Ogura Lace Paper: Stiff, strong and durable hemp fibers
  •  Amate Bark Paper: Raw Amate bark pressed into paper
  •  Rakusuishi: Lace Origami Paper

Whatever your paper or design project, you are sure to find the perfect lace paper in our collection!