Thai Papers

Hand Made Kozo and Mulberry Papers Made in Thailand

Papers made in Thailand are an exquisite addition to any portfolio. Papers originating in Thailand are known by many names, such as, mulberry paper, saa paper, rice paper and kozo paper. Thai papers are made using the bark of the mulberry tree, a rapidly growing tree common in Southeast Asia. The fibers of the mulberry bark are longer than traditional paper making pulp. This makes Thai Mulberry/Kozo Papers stronger and more durable that most other papers while remaining extremely lightweight. The longer fibers also provide texture and dimension not found in other papers. When torn, Thai Mulberry Paper feathers leaving a nice deckled edge.

Most Thai papers are crafted by hand using traditional paper making techniques. Kozo paper is available in a large range of weights. Thai Unryu Paper is a lightweight, semi-translucent paper perfect for overlays and lamp shades. Heavyweight Mulberry Papers provide a stiff and textured base, often used by artists looking for a rough, unrefined look. Marbled Momi Papers include elegant marbling applied by hand for truly unique papers. There are even printable mulberry papers to use in wedding invitations, resumes and formal communications.

Thai Kozo Papers have become a standard of quality. Artists, crafters and designers find these imported papers a centerpiece of their portfolio. Don't wait! Once you use these papers, they will become your favorite imported paper.