Heavyweight Italian Crepe Paper

Italian Crepe Paper

High Quality Textured Crepe Paper from Italy

A new, hot trend in paper crafts is bringing crepe paper into the spotlight. We're not talking crepe paper reminiscent of the rolls of streamers used for decorating staircases and dangling from ceilings. This new top-of-the-line 180 gram Italian crepe paper is thick, pliable and luxurious. The fabric-like consistency will delight both novice and expert level crafters.

Carte Fini Crepe Paper is offered in a variety of rich colors, from pastels and metallics, to rich velvety reds. You will find the quality and color selections perfect for numerous high-end paper projects. Wow clients, friends, and party goers with creations such as:
  • Deluxe life-like three-dimensional flowers
  • Stunning table-top centerpieces
  • Wedding decor (how about a heart-shaped piñata?)
  • Intricate wreaths and bouquets
  • Delicate headbands for adults and children (perfect for a photo shoot!)
  • Decor for year-round occasions, and much more!
These fine Italian crepe papers have also been used to create gorgeous, flowing dresses. With a rainbow of colors, they come in a roll 19" x 98",  the Italian crepe papers are perfect for year-round weddings, luncheons and dinner parties, gifts, photography, and more.