Decoupage Papers

Decoupage Paper

Decoupage Papers

Decoupage paper is an ultra thin, super strong and flexible paper which can be applied seamlessly to any shape or surface using any decoupage adhesive or nori paste. Because of its ultra-thin thickness, it attaches smoothly, so there is never a seam or bubble. These decoupage papers apply beautifully and evenly to virtually any surface including: wood, metal, papier mache, plastic, glass, ceramic, and more.

Because of the number of designs available, the uses for this fun decoupage paper are virtually endless. Use it in home decor, furniture refinishing, jewelry, ornaments, sculpture, or covering journals and books. 

DecoPatch and DecoArt decoupage papers are acid free, deep dyed and colorfast so the colors won't bleed or fade. Their smooth texture allows for invisible overlays so the natural texture of the piece can show through. The paper is easy to tear so you don't need scissors. 
  • Acid free paper
  • Colorfast - Does not fade or bleed
  • Very thin but strong and flexible
  • Smooth texture – allows for invisible overlays
  • Easy to tear off – no scissors needed