Marbled Origami Paper

Fold a new element into your origami projects with intricate and colorful marble patterns applied to high quality paper by hand. Fashioned after the natural patterns found in stone, these origami papers bring color, design and style to your origami folding. All of the marble patterns are applied to the paper by hand, so every sheet is completely unique. You can fold a tried and true origami pattern, but when you use hand-marbled paper, it will turn out like no other sculpture ever made.

You can choose from many types of marbled papers. First are Italian Marbled Papers which are crafted using only premium materials by an expert artisan in Florence Italy. Jute Fiber Papers are hand-made in Bangladesh by a women's cooperative which is Fair-Trade certified. Handmade Lokta Paper hails from Nepal using the bark of the Lokta bush as pulp and the marble designs are applied by hand. Finally, Thai Marble Papers utilize traditional Mulberry Paper as the base and then hand apply the marble patterns to the face of the paper.

From Bangladesh to Italy and from Nepal to Thailand, you will find the perfect pattern and style of Marbled Origami Paper in our selection.