Japanese Washi Papers

Washi Paper Imported from Japan

The term Washi means Japanese paper. Washi is fine paper made from fibers of the Gampi Tree, the Misumata Shrub, the Mulberry bush, Bamboo, Hemp, Rice and other materials. Washi paper is stronger than most ordinary paper providing a great base to use in arts, crafts and everyday writing. Find your perfect washi paper from our extensive selection. The most common Japanese paper is Yuzen Paper, also know as Chiyogami Paper. These papers start with a handmade Kozo base. Then, prints inspired by Japanese fabrics are hand silk-screened, color by color. The designs are then topped off with gold accents for an elegant and royal appearance. Other Japanese papers, such as Ginwashi and Echizen Washi, are made for printing applications. Lightweight Japanese tissues, called Ethereal Paper provide translucent color for applications needing light to shine through. And finally, for those Sumi-E artists, our rolls of Shoji Gami and Shuji Gami papers provide an authentic medium to practice your art. From origami to Sumi-E, our collection of  papers from Japan are sure to meet your needs.